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Good Melee Weapon?



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Depends on your playstyle, of course. Scindo Prime and Galatine hold it down for the heavy blades. Jat Kittag is arguably the best hammer. Dakra Prime and Prisma Skana are both great single swords, but both may be kinda hard to get. Dragon Nikana has the highest damage for a single sword style weapon, if I'm not mistaken. Tipedo and Bo Prime for staves. Orthos Prime and Tonbo for polearms. Dual swords have a whole list, but stand-outs are Dual Ichor, Prisma Dual Cleavers, and Dual Zoren. For the most part, though, the weapons that tend to be used in late game have a decent to good crit chance.


I play Prisma Skana, Mire or Prisma Dual Cleavers on my Excalibur.

Scindo Prime on my Valkyr.

Tipedo or Dark Dagger on most everything else. Don't sleep on the Dark Dagger. lol

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dragon nikana with stalker's stance is kind of neat. 

anku is brutal on armor if soloing void or grineer or something... build with all the puncture and it can cut up even the heavies when you copter thru.

Ive not spend a lot of time on prime melee yet, still working on primary/secondary high end first.

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if you want instant damage with speed then you want the dakra prime.. if you want the same but with less damage then you go with Bo Prime if you want high damage but severe slow speed you want the Scindo Prime and Reaper Prime.. if you dont have those primes then you want the Nikana or Hate from the stalker

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Fell in "like" with Dual Cleavers. Fell in "love" with Prisma Dual Cleavers.


I like the Anku.

Tipedo is kind of the gold standard.

Ceremic Dagger is hilariously fast. Great coptering, low damage, though. Just hilarious how fast you can attack with them.

Bo Prime is solid. Well, the Bo is good on its own, really. Innate stagger is handy.

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Tipedo is currently the default "best" melee.  It has high crit, decent speed, but most importantly is amazingly good for coptering.  This means besides being good for copter utility its still solid outside of it and can run a zerker build.


Scindo Prime and Jat Kittag are both solid options if you want the big bad melee damage machines.  Scindo Prime does more damage Jat Kittag has more knockdown/cc.  Neither of these are "good" copter weapons though so by taking them you get less insane mobility.


Honorable Mentions, Dual Ichor, Dragon Nikana, Dakra Prime, and Bo Prime.  These used to be top tier weapons until buffs to the Scindo/Jat Kittag happened and/or the Tipedo came out and effectively replaced them.  


My honest suggestion would be to focus on getting a Tipedo.  Even without coptering its still a great weapon, and with its coptering abilities it basically outclasses nearly everything else.  

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