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Syndicate Assassinations And Tennos


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So when a syndicate assassins that are sent to is because you got on their bad side. Yah, you properly already know that. So I'll just get to the point. When a syndicate assassins that want to kill you, and if you are playing with a tenno that is sided with the assassins' syndicate. It should turn from PVE to PVP.


Just a though. Opinions?

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No, because Tenno are loyal to each other first and foremost.


The entire Syndicate Hit Squad makes little sense anyway. How is any Syndicate aside from Simaris even welcome on any of the Tenno Relays if they attack Tenno that don't help them?


The way I see it: it's a compromise. From a lore-standpoint these squads wouldn't actually be able to kill the Tenno (like how from a lore standpoint the Colonel yelling "Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAKE!" never actually happens because Snake would never actually fail - same for more game over screens) so Lotus tolerates them because they, ultimately, aid the Tenno more than they can possibly harm them. It's a hard choice but a necessary one.


On topic: UltimateSpin's right. The Tenno are ultimately loyal to one another above the Syndicates, hence why you'll generally step in to help your fellow Tenno when your precious Arbiters attack them.


Now, for PvP between the Syndicates I think that would be cool - weekend PvP events between the Syndicates, pairing you off against players who are in the opposing Syndicates to yours. Teshin would likely support this as it could continue to train the Tenno, and the Syndicate who's Tenno allies are shown to be the strongest could claim the rights to be "defenders of the Relay" for that week - setting up banners and more NPCs of their faction throughout it.


Plus I just have this image of using the Medallion collectors as NPCs watching over the events and acting as announcers. Like in a SM vs. PS match:


Steel Meridian: "Klem see they take Cephalon! Take Cephalon back!"


"Klem know baby-Corpus helpers want fight! Give them fight! Beat them!"



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