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[Event Concept] Vengeance And Mutiny - Part 3: Defeat Pera Dan


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Welcome to the 3rd and last part of the Vengeance & Mutiny Event concept featuring a new enemy to fight against:  Pera Dan, the Assistant of Alad V.


The Initial Story of Pera Dan

Pera Dan was a lab assistant working under Alad V in his Zanuka Project. Over the days working with him, she grew highly fond of his brilliance and devoted her life to the completion of the project.


On the day the Tenno defeated Alad V and his Zanuka, the Corpus Board of Directors locked up all of Alad V’s works and research and deemed it restricted to all. However, Pera Dan refuted to the Board exclaiming that Alad V’s work was a masterpiece that should be further developed to assimilate robotic parts into the flesh creating a “profitable” weapon. Frohd Bek and the Board denied her claims and as a result, Pera Dan vanished for some time.


Pera Dan returned to Corpus territories creating a hacking device mean to take control of Corpus robotics in an attempt to use them to steal away the Zanuka research and the prototype. With the Zanuka parts, she had the final pieces put together. Using her own body, she assimilated parts of the Zanuka into her body creating a cybernetic being.


Due to Zanuka being made of the parts of other Tenno Warframes, Pera Dan became accustomed to the tactics and physical capabilities of the Warframe and can mimic them to an unbelievable degree of mastery. With her newfound cybernetic body, two modified Lectas wielded in both hands, and an arsenal of Corpus robotics and loyal Alad V sympathizers, she sets her sites on two goals:


  1. To prove Frohd Bek and the Corpus Board of their misjudgment of Alad V’s work.
  2. The elimination of the ones responsible for ALad V’s downfall: the Tenno.


General Info of Pera Dan


Faction: Corpus


Planet: Pluto (possible replacement for Ambulas)


Weapons: Two Lectas (Dual Lectas)


Health: Robotic, Proto Shield, Alloy Armor


Appearance: (Picture below shows a rough sketch of her head). With clothes similar to the spoiled female Corpus pics we had a couple of updates ago, her body is a different story altogether. Her head shows signs of cybernetic alterations resembling that of Zanuka’s head parts attached. She has at the back of her head a tube which she uses to connect to any console to hack into systems. Her voice is slightly altered with the sound Zanuka makes.




  • WARNING: It is highly advised you bring a melee weapon to this fight. A majority of Pera Dan’s attacks has a chance of disarming player’s Primary and Secondary weapons. However, against Melee Weapons, her attacks can be stopped and one specific attack allows players to open up a counterattack attack that renders Pera Dan vulnerable to a finisher temporarily.
  • Movement: Pera Dan moves like a Tenno: wall walking, jumping, and roll dodging around the fight and she moves quicker than most enemies making it rather difficult to pin her down through ranged attacks. She can also use her Lectas to swing across the area. It is advised you keep her on your sights at all times.
  • Whip Leg Sweep: Pera Dan telegraphs a 360 sweeping attack that will knockdown any player hit by it by whipping one of her Lectas to the feet level causing low Finisher Damage. This attack can be dodged by jumping at the right time.
  • Whip Head Sweep: Pera Dan telegraphs a 360 sweeping attack aimed to the head with one of her Lectas dealing moderate Slash damage. This attack can be avoided by ducking.
  • Whip Barrier: Pera Dan lashed around both of her Lecta whips fast enough to create a barrier of whip attacks around her. At this state, she has a chance to reflect projectiles and any player within the vicinity of this attack receives continuous Slash strikes. DO NOT ATTACK HER IN THIS STATE. SHE CAN ALSO MOVE AROUND SLOWLY WHILE KEEPING THE BARRIER.
  • Wall Taser: Pera Dan charges her two Lectas like channeling them and whips them to a wall. The wall is then discharged an Electric shockwave attack shocking any player wall running/clinging on the wall.
  • FINISHER ATTACK-GRAB AND SHOCK: Pera Dan’s Finisher attack where she first slams her two channeled Lectas and uses them to capture a player with her two Lectas. Once the Lectas grab a player, Pera Dan unleashed taser-like Electric discharges causing high Electric damage to the player as well as any closeby players. NOTE: If a player blocks this attack using a Channeled Block (requires energy to do this action), a different event takes place where the two energies of the Channeled Block and Pera Dan’s Lectas conflict with one another resulting in Pera Dan being stunned and open to a Finisher attack temporarily. If Pera Dan is hit by anything but a Finisher Attack while dazed, she comes out of the stun.
  • Robotic Overload: Pera Dan can mentally summon Corpus Robots and gives them a buff that increases their speed.


Event Completion

  • Complete alert missions to defeat Pera Dan’s controlled Corpus Robotics on Pluto (Corpus Crewman will join you in battle)
  • Defeat all the rebel robots in Pluto
  • As each alert is cleared, the Boss Node for Pera Dan is unlocked
  • Defeat Pera Dan


Event Rewards

Completing alerts reward credits, fusion cores, and Forma/Reactors. Defeating Pera Dan rewards the Emblem of Madness Sigil.


I like to thank those that encouraged me to finish this 3 part Event Concept and I will in the future write some content to work on over the Eximus and other stuff in the near future.


Write comments/suggestions please and check out my account profile to see other works I have done. Thank you

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To answer the question of a user:


My initial goal with this concept is to create a suitable replacement for the Ambulas boss seeing as to how outdated it is. The way I wanted this new replacement boss made is to reinforce a lore previously mentioned to give the boss some relevance and in some way fit in with the theme of Excalibur's role being "melee based." So I decided on making sure this boss was truly "melee based" as possible.


Another thing I wanted to experiment is the possibility of a female Corpus and a female Corpus being somewhat of a tragic character "much like Harley Quinn in DC." However, I had to make sure that the character I would make wouldn't fall into the reason for being enemies with the Tenno due to "love." So I made this boss, Alad V's Assistant Pera Dan, to be more devoted to the work of Alad V being Zanuka.


I wanted this boss to be in pursuit of Alad V's work to the point that it would drive her mentally unstable and would ironically drive her to loose her humanity much like how Alad V lost his. Alad V lost his humanity to the Infested, while Pera Dan lost her humanity to the robots and cybernetics of Zanuka.


The merger of her body and Zanuka drives Pera Dan almost insane, but grants her the tactics and battle capabilities of a Tenno. This is due to Zanuka being made up form the parts of other Tenno and their Warframes.


So as a result of fleshing out the lore of the Corpus as well as giving Pluto a more "suitable" boss, I came up with this.

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For the boss fight in general, I wanted to make something akin to that of the player's abilities but something that isn't Tenno (excluding Stalker).


I wanted to make the boss use tactics that counterattack several of the abilities that players can use (like wall running and mid-air attacks). I also wanted to make an actual boss where melee attack actually matter in the fight. So far, I have rarely seen melee tactics to be much effective against practically all the bosses nor recommended.


I wanted to also be careful as to not make it so that you are forced to only use melee. Primary/Secondary weapons still work on Pera Dan, but you must be extremely careful since she is capable of deflecting shots back at players.

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