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Blacklist And Votekicks



Some questions:


You can /ignore people but where can i see a list of all blacklisted people?


If someone is blacklisted affects this just the chat or can i get sure that i never will connect to a host where the blacklisted person is playing or is there a block for this person if he trys to join my host?


How can i start a kickvote? Its pretty anyoing if you are lets say on a t4 sab mission and one refuses to paticipate but stays to get the loot. Or someone starts racist jokes, just ignoring him is NOT an option we want to kick him out of the group to point on a clear statement.



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You can report inappropriate conversations, but that's about it I think. If you ignore someone, you won't see PM from him and won't see his or her messages in recruiting so chances are that you won't play with them ever again. If you encounter piub with ignore just abort and try again in a few.

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