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Trinity Builds.



As always it comes down to me to keep people in clan alive and feed. :P

I started using Trinity since I can both build her for both energy restoration as well as healing and blessing.


But now I just have to check on something:

For EV build I need duration less that 100%? Since it restores energy faster?

But need range and strength?

I was thinking to put this mods on her for that:

Blind rage. Streamline. Fleeting expertise. Stretch. Intensify. Overextended. Transient fortitude. Redirection.

Should I change anything?


And for other more Healer build I thought to focus on more common mods. Not corrupted ones. Since it will give me bonuses in all of the duration, strength and efficiency without any negative side effect.


Any advice about both of builds is more than welcome.

Thank you.


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You want a smuch durationa as you can get on Trinity. Killing the target of your Energy Vampire instantly provides all of the possible energy EV would restore, so you don't need to wait out it's duration, just kill the target.

You want duration so you can keep your Link up for as much time as possible with as little recasting as you can manage. It also extends the duration of the damage reduction granted by Blessing, which is very beneficial for the entire team.


You don't need a lot of power strength on Trinity, but you don't want to go below 100% either (honestly, just slotting a maxed Intensify is all you need on her). You're going to want to get your hands on Constitution, Continuity (Primed if possible) and Narrow Minded. Don't put any shields on your Trinity as she benefits more from having high health than having high shields because you're also going to want the mods Rage and Quick Thinking.

Rage allows you to restore energy to your energy pool whenever you take damage to your health bar (this can be a great boon if you get hit with a magnetic proc or there are lots of energy drainers around). Quick Think allows you to use your energy bar to keep you from dying once you hit 2 hit points. This is a huge benefit, because when you only have 2 hit points, if you use Blessing, you grant yourself and your entire team, 99% damage reduction (god mode). With all of the duration you've got running from your mods, you should be able to keep that damage reduction up for a not-insignifcant amount of time.


[Edit] Actually, just watch Quiette Shy's video. She makes Trinity sound way more bad &#! than I do.

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I love Trinity, she is my favorite Warframe so I can help you.


For my Trin EV I use it:


You need less duration, more range & more power str.

Furthermore I use Vampire leech which is awesome.


If I use my Bless Trin I take it:


A lot of duration and I suggest you this Glaive build:


In this way you hit yourself and you will got 2HP for 99% blessing.


The last one is my balanced build:


This one is balanced and I play with it when I got on survival missions for example.


Using those configurations you will be ready for everything. :)


If you want I share my video showing you the last one:

However this is in French because I'm a French Youtuber so just go on Build phase & gameplay, it will be better for you. :)


Hoping it helps you Tenno, good luck. :D

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It is possible to focus on both at the same time and simply killing enemies to release the energy. But if you plan on using trinity while raiding a minimal duration build while focusing on range would be a better choice due to the lack of enemies present when CC are doing their job.

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http://goo.gl/L3LemM EV trin: endless mana, good team shield buff, fast execution combo (cast 1 and after 0.5sec cast 2 on the same target). link is useless and blessing only good for healing, no solo potential!


http://goo.gl/dILP0x my personal blessing build: max duration while still maintaining a strong EV with ok range (equip a good one shot like marelok, dread, opticor for instant mana release). you need a glaive or a stug to safely blow yourself to 2hp before casting for 99% dmg reduction. high mana cost is no issue here, you only need 2 full EV discharges to restock after blessing (which is easily done even vs. lvl200 enemies as you have 30s untill the next blessing). if your team plays smart and watches their timings the 1s recast time for blessing (start charging glaive with ~0.5s left) is no problem.


http://goo.gl/TLDfSY budget/ego build: not much use to the team (aside from rendering it constantly invulnerable) but good tank potential with link. equip energy syphon when going solo. EV is useless with this but you'll only recover ~90hp with a blessing cast, low enough to self harm yourself down to 2hp while in the 99% dmg reduction phase (sadly rage doesn't activate on self harm) with toxin modded angstrum/stug/penta/castagna/etc. to recast 99%blessings while it is still active.

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The old general play build.


Quick Thinking / P Flow / P Continuity / Constitution

Fleeting Expertise / Over Extended / Transient Fortitude / Intensify


Range = +90%

Efficiency = +60%

Power Strength = +25%

Duration = -5%


Solid, but I miss having Vampire Leech in there.  So today I'm trying a different build, see how it feels.


Quick Thinking / P Flow / Fleeting Expertise / Streamline

Over Extended / Blind Rage r9 / P Continuity / Vampire Leech (or Stretch for raids)


Range = +90% to +135%

Efficiency = +40%

Power Strength = +30%

Duration = -5%


Almost similar, but I'm giving up efficiency for Vampire Leech or additional range, an easy trade for Trinity.

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