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Better More Varried Action Music


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The music in game is nice, but a bit boring after many listens. I suggest (and I cant believe i'm saying this) adding more. Techno, Dubstep, Trance Music for the fight scenes.

Techno even rymes with Teno :D

Dubstep . . . not full seizure dubstep, but one mixed with other styles, like in Borderlands 2 arenas.

Trance will give us the free fall sensation you want us to feel.

What do you say?

hint: Answer is yes :D

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If it doesn't clash with the tribal style they have right now, sure. Otherwise, it's a big nope from me.

Exactly, the good thing about those styles is that they mix very well with other style. Heck, just remixing the main theme into different styles will create totally new appropiate tracks.

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