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Mutalist Alad V Coord


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Hello. I'm a guy who wasted 15 days to make the keys for get MESA's parts.

I have 6 Chassises and 9 Helmets for Mesa. And if I get a system, I need to spend 3 days to make Mesa again.

To get Mutalist Alad V Coord, I need to play a mission 3 times. And to make a key, I need 3 of them so I need to play 9 times. And is that all? No! I need to make a party who have a key(and that is not easy because almost everybody who want Mesa HAVE Mesa) and kill the bose 4 times.

So please!! Give me the system of MESA!! Or give more chance to get the Mutalist Alad V Coord!!(One for a day? Terrible)

The Cowgirl makes me crazy enough already. Don't make me to throw my computer.

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