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A Balanced Frame

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What in your opinion is a balanced frame?

I'd like to believe Volt is an incredibly balanced frame and is incredibly versatile:

Shock: Obtains strength in lower level missions, still has incredible power against level 100 enemies. The stun of the ability is incredibly great and can be done withou cancelling your reload.

Speed: Do I have to say much?

Electric Shield: An invulnerable and mobile shield. Blocks all incoming direct fire and buffs the damage of any ally shooting through it. Proves to be useful in any situation and can provide as a rather gimmicky Snowglobe in a tough spot. Great for reviving and bunkering down.

Overload: Has minuscule damage, but can wipe out low level corpus easily. Has a rather large radius and still has good potential in the late game with its stun. Perhaps could use a redesign, perhaps more range or a longer stun time.

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Banshee (so underappreciated)





They're all very balanced frames, providing a decent mix of offense or support and their skills are all roughly equal. Do each of them need tweaks? Very much so but they're in a much better place balance wise than most frames.

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Yin Yang Frame, doesn't get more balanced than Yin and Yang.


As for Balance, Rhino is good, Saryn is a good balance with good defense but strong attack.


Its tough what you mean by balance. There is, Damage, Durability, Crowd Control, Stealth, and how mod heavy they are.

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A balanced frame huh?


I would suppose all dmg would be based on enemy level. Say My ult does 1k dmg to lvl20 enemies. And once the enemy lvl gets higher so does my dmg. But only to match the enemy level.


Health, shields, Armor Rating and that sort of stuff is left unchanged. Just dmg. Would bring balance to the forces of Tenno and make game play fair for every one. Not too hard nor too easy.


But of course enemies in the void have an increase in health and dmg. And the enemies in Nightmare would have much more health and dmg. Just to add difficulty to those who want it.

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There is no balanced frame as there are too many factors to be taken in and most importantly play style you put redirection on valkyr and call that frame bad is a mistake so knowing how frames and mod work are important as well as the abilities itself.If you really want the most balanced would our bro Broberon healing ,cc,radiation procs he is most balanced and can enter end game as well.

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Rhino and loki get my vote for now.

Rhino Ironskin Defense, Stomp offense and crowd control, Roar party support and damage, Charge is the weakest ability but good for movement.

Loki, Invisible stealth movement and defense, Radial Disarm offense and crowd control, Decoy some defense but also super handy for movement and spy missions when used with Switch Teleport.

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Oberon is the epitome of balanced. Healing, CC, team buffs, enemy debuffs, healing, decent bulk.

Yet nobody wants him. :(

I w-want Oberon. :(

He just needs a few tweaks here and there to make him even more balanced.

I still love him. I will always love him.

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The most balanced? Well, i take balance as a concept of where the abilities function in a way and reach the point being stable that they dont need either buffs nor nerfs. The only way to see this is to see if a frame has received any tweaks and such along its way from the start of the game. From what i see, the only frame i remember that hasnt received any changes to its abilities in a long while is Loki, and hmm... i cant think of any other frame for now.

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