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[Forum Game]Kill Koro Sensei


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Try and kill Koro Sensei in any way possible

You have access to 3 basic equipment:

A BB Assault Rifle: A basic M16 Rifle modified to shoot Anti-sensei BBs

A BB Handgun: A M9 Berreta or Desert Eagle modified to shoot Anti-sensei BBs

Anti-Sensei knife: Self explainatory

In addition, you have a special trait:

Engineer: Able to create any bb gun... on 1 condition, it's original must shoot bullets

Chemist: Create poisons and toxins

And 1 final and most important rule, Koro Sensei will never die. This is to keep the thread running.

You are to present your attempt in continuous form like this:


First Strike

Back up (optional)

Sensei's escape

Or you can do a co-op attack by typing a (>' ')> at the ebd of your attack. Attacks can be chained by multiple people.

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Approach: i create a BB gun that fires the pellets at light speed.


First Strike: I shoot him. but decide i should let him live so i take him to my basement where i torture him for the rest of his days.


Sensei's Escape: he beings to enjoy the torture and one day finds true pleasure in it. the torture is his escape from the outside world

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Approach: From behind with my Anti-Sensei knife, poisoned with my chemist trait. Its night is its near pitch black.

First strike: Cover his mouth and stab him in the chest.

Sensei's Escape: That was never the sensei, but an innocent butler. Oh.

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Physical Lessons are almost over now, and my plan will soon come into play. Spending the last few weeks building a custom Grakata, it's ludicrous fire rate should prove impossible for him to escape, even at Mach 20... With lessons over I head on over to the changing room, taking the Grakata with me. And right on queue, Koro-Sensei has just arrived, that yellow squid will never know what hit him. 'Trailgamer-sama, what are you thinking about? You can always speak with your sensei.' Perfect. 'Yes, I've been thinking about something, can you sit down with me?' And so he did.

And the moment he sat down I pulled it out and sprayed everywhere, but non of the BBs hit. His iconic voice resurfaced behind me. 'Nuhuhuhuhu... amateurish, Trailgamer-sama,' I turned around to see his face, striped with green and yellow, he's mocking me. 'Well that will cost you additional homework tonight, but feel free to try again next time. Nuruhuhuhuhuhu...' And he walks away as if nothing happened.

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Somebody remind me why we're trying to kill this guy with BB guns

it's from an anime.


Approach: Invite him to go get some Gelato while leaving E-class


first strike: show a shortcut that will branch off to a pile of porn mags that he will notice. There is a tripwire set to spring when he gets near the pile that will throw water on him, slowing him enough to shoot.


backup: the porn stash is rigged to shoot BBs when he get's too close


Sensei's escape: he avoids the water and dodges every BB shot at him while enjoying every mag on the pile

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