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Mythos, The Mythical Warframe!


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After anima/animus is released in U17  tomb of the sentients, can we have a mythological based warframe? One that takes the form of mythological beings such as monsters, gods, and demons? Similar to chroma, this warframe will have elemental damage and effects based on their color scheme, additionally, this will be one of the first warframes to use abilities that are toggled. Here is my rundown summary of it:


Name: Mythos

Health: 125

Shields: 125

Energy: 150

Armor: 100

Sprint speed: 1.2



#1: Spirit path(25 energy cost)- Creates a area that gradually heals and removes status procs on allies over time, and boosts allies damage according to element. Enemies on this path will take additional damage and will proc based on elemental effect.

#2: Beast path (drains 1 energy per 3 secs)- Turns Mythos into a beast that wil have 2x sprint speed, but shields and health by half, beast path will attack only through melee, and will act similar to a kubrow(same attack stats but no regular stats), beast path deals 2x melee damage of according elemental.

#3 Akuma (drains 1 energy per 2 secs)- Turns Mythos into a demon, lowering armor and speed by half, but increases shields and health, Akuma releases a radial aura that makes enemies constantly take damage of according element. Akuma will use ranged attacks by casting energy balls at enemies using melee button(damage is based on power strength and elemental type).

#4 Deity (Drains 1 energy per sec) -Turns Mythos into a god! All allies including mythos has 1.5x armor, sprint speed, health, and shields, as well as dealing additional damage of based element. Using melee button, Mythos casts melee strikes on enemy(using a exclusive stance for warframe), as well as each melee strike throws a ranged attack based on element(electric=lightning bolt, fire=fireball, cold= ice ball, toxin=gas cloud). Deity is similar to exalted blade if you want to know.


Leave a like and reply on what you think. 

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