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Hello On july 29 windows 10 come out that mean we are allow to play with people that on xboxone off of ur computer sooo we should be allow to transfer ur warframe account to xboxone so people can play with there friends on xbox.

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That's not really how Windows 10 plays XB1 games.


Windows 10 will be able to stream XB1 games. It won't actually be playing native XB1 games directly on the OS. Basically all you're doing is playing on your XB1 but having the video streamed through to your OS/Monitor instead of your TV.


Beyond that, there can't be crossplay between XB1 and PC for Warframe due to an almost constant version mismatch. Games that do support cross play tend to be updated at the same time across all platforms (PC patches get delayed for Console patches to pass cert), and DE has said that they won't delay PC patches so that consoles can catch up.



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