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Automatically Disconnecting After Playing A Void Mission For A Specific Amount Of Time


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My issue is that whenever I play void mission that do usually talk some time, I almost reach the point where we want to finish the mission, but I time out, and that really drives me mad since I receive nothing for playing.

It mostly occurs after the 15 minutes mark in Survival Towers and after the 15th wave in Defense.

It's really annoying, it's almost impossible to play a 20-waves Defense mission or a 20 minute Survival, it just drives me super mad that I want to wreck my PC. I don't want do that, I'd love a solution

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Same issue here. I normally play with friends through a skype voice call as well. I usually disconnect during long runs of any mission. I cannot specify the duration as it isn't fixed. I assume the problem is warframe related as my skype call remains unaffected during the disconnection, thus proving it isn't an issue with my internet connection.

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Recently this has started happening to me and it's driving me up the wall since half of the void missions I'm playing I just dc. Hell, I was on the second part of a raid last night - lost that one too.


(I'm directly connected to the router.)


Just recently started happening a LOT to me as well. Any time I'm in a mission, ANY mission (i.e. If I'm taking my time looking for syndicate sigils) for too long, the game will freeze, then crash to desktop, then pop up the crash reporter.


I assume DE is getting my reports, since the reporter says as much. Question is, how many crashes is it gonna take for DE to fix this? Will it be less than the number of crashes that it takes for me to quit playing this game?

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