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Please Update Game For Purchase Of Items = Ogris & Torid - Please


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I wanted to say this has to be the best game ever, you guys did a wonderful job. I cant stop buying things off here.


However one humble request is would you mind making available the ROCKET LAUNCHERS mentioned above ?



As I dont have a clue what a research lab is, nor can I devote that much time to gaming, as I work alot........


Thats why I & others would love to pay for the opportunity to Buy the TORID & OGRIS flat out.


Just name the price & you will make a killing - PRETTY PLEASE consider this


I can be reached -snip- - PLEASE make this available



1000 Thank yous

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Don't give out your e-mail.
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Research labs are a category of rooms that one can build in a clan dojo. They allow clans to perform research into weapons (and frames with the Tenno labs).


If you're struggling in getting one built and getting the research started, you could always temporarily join a clan that has a dojo, research lab and weapon research completed and just pick up the blueprints.

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