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Coming Soon: Devstream #57!


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Join us this Friday, July 24 for a special Devstream #57: Developer Build Play-through! 


Who: The Devs join Rebecca on the couch (and computer) to play through 'Echoes of the Sentient' and take player questions!  


What: We'll be doing Q&A with questions from our community as well as playing through the 'Echoes of the Sentient' developer build! This work-in-progress build showcases tons of new content for our next major update. Our Devs will field questions as we explore what's new in Warframe!


Prizes? Why yes, we will be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes during the Livestream!


Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe


When: Join us Friday, July 24 at 2:00 p.m. EDT! Time Zone Converter: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/


This thread closes at 10:00 a.m. on July 24th!  Get your questions in!

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Echoes of the sentient first look? Sounds amazing!


Will we get more lore about tenno as well?


Do you plan on making RNG more fair, as in reducing the grind as you promised?

Will the RNG balancing happen once the new starchart is released?

And while we are talking about the starchart: Any chance we can take a first look at that also?


The question i am most interested in though: How is the valkyr skin and the catbrows coming along?

And while we are at that, will we ever see more live-sculpting like we saw on the last devstream? It was really interesting to see Devs at work.

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Is an expansion of the Orbiter sill in the plans?


It would be awesome if we could go into the depths of the Orbiter, see our collection of Warframes, the massive armory, the stacks of mods, the Kubrows in stasis, and whatever contraption is able to hold all of my nano spores. Oh, and an aquarium, we are still waiting for that aquarium. 

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As a professional Forum Fire Fighter, is there a certain amount of training you have to go through or does it just come naturally to some people??


Edit - This of course could apply to the ever present mods and other crafty admins that charge into a thread fully engulfed in flame to try to save productive discourse :P

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Not too many questions lol


1. Any info on the next batch of immortal skins?


2. Any updates on the Foundry 2.0 i.e multiple Forma building if you have the resources etc.


3. Any updates on the App for mobile? 


Can't wait to watch!

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1.Back in Devstream #45 DE show us Relay statue do we even will see that in-game in U17?






2.as Tyl Regor and new Trial upcoming with multi-stage Archwing+Normal will we able to check what gears people using? for now we can only check normal set for normal mission but not for Archwing gears.


3.In U17 any plan to update Dojo like more rooms or something good, also old tileset in dojo (Derelict Theme) will ever back?

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- Do you think that Parkour 2.0 will help improve the experience for some other missions? (Using snipers to mount yourself on walls, being out of sight for spy missions, dodging more incoming fire as mentioned by Mogamu)

- Do you have any ideas on bringing lore to warframe that doesnt involve simaris scans?

(Extension to previous question) Will warframe lore ever be updated in the codex? (Like with rhino, Excalibur, and Mag?)

- Why was wall running removed for wall hopping? Im not against the change, its just that the animation seems less appealing to hop on walls

- Will Animus and Animus be separate sexes ?

- Are there people alive that support the Stalker?

-Many players may still feel the stationary method of Mesa's Peacemaker to be a handicap in a facepaced game. Are there any plans to look at this ability?

- Will the void be "destroyed" in U17?

- will underwater archwing work just like space archwing? Or will water imply new mechanics? Will the destruction of the void as we know it entroduce archwing as a mod of reaching or traveling in void space?

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I'm just wondering... Is there any cut content that you either wanted to put into the game at one point, but didn't have enough time/resources or thought wasn't good enough?


And some additional questions.

-will we ever see some stat changing skins such as the dagger axe skin?

-will warframe china be producing all of the umbral equipment before it gets released into the global build?

-with the possibility of the new yin yang warframe that's coming out being both male and female, is there a possibility of other frames getting a gender equivalent in the future?


Bonus question: is there any plans to ever reveal what is hiding under the helmets of warframes?

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Any news on Dual Prime Pistols?

Will shot gun pistols/hand cannons be buffed with the upcoming shotgun buff?

Statues in Relays being that planets unlockableFrame? Shrino had a good run, but Ember statue! I remember you guys had a plan for this?

News on Orokin Derelict??? That place hasn't been touched upon in AGES.

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as well as playing through the 'Echoes of the Sentient' developer build! 



Questions (I guess nothing was exactly answered so... well except maybe the 2nd one.):


1- What Happened to the "Fire Sigil"? the one we saw on Devstream 38. I want it :c

edit: oh look! there are 2 "fire sigils" now i want both D:

2- any news on the nexus app? like when it will be launched?
3- can we have "custom emblems" like the clan emblems but with our images, I don't care if I have to pay 100p I just want it (and not only one, I want an unlimited number of emblems to use, I will throw all my pl to you DE xD) 
4- can we, normal forums users, have custom images in the forums? It can use some moderation but I guess it's a good idea. Maybe not for in-game but I will like to see custom images on forums, again, I will throw all my Plat for it)
5- We will be able to get the Original Boar from a Quest or something?
6- Supra buff? jk jk

As far as I know there are work on supra already.


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Okay, I have a few questions for the DEv team.

1. A few streams ago you were saying you would use flashbacks in Quests. Would there be a chance of Hayden Tenno in either reference or something else?

2. It's been a while since we've seen any content for the Dojo (Well, not counting research weapons) when will we see new rooms for the Dojo? It might make sense to take room ideas and items from the Relays. Like Syndicate rooms to trade in medallions in the least or maybe something more simple like a Oracle (all in one) type room for Syndicates.

3. You've previously stated the idea of replayable Quests, right? Well I'm personally wondering if we can obtain the end-quest rewards again from them. Obviously not for some (I think the most recent had a Catalyst which would be unfair) but more for exclusive weapons like the Ether Daggers as I'm debating on selling them.

4. This is a question I've asked twice but the concept excites me so. Would there ever be a chance for weapons inspired by God of War's/Krato's Blades of Chaos? (You know, the iconic blade-chain dagger things) It's unlikly that you would use those exact weapons for copyright and such, but would it be possble for a new set of weapons like it using stances to simulate it? I assume stances wouldn't get you in trouble. Or at least I hope not.


5. With the announcement of all the Chinese Warframe content, will the Umbra, and Prime Kunai and Nikana be Prime Access/Founder Package style buyables here? Or will they be purchasable with Platinum? And will they be one time exclusives or re-appear rarely like Proto-Nemesis Excalibur and Nyx and I assume Pre-Corpus Valkyr

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1) With the introduction of Parkour 2.0, will wallrunning still be there?
If it is surely to be removed, why? (I'd like to know the reasoning behind this) Wallrun seems in place for a Ninja theme and I don't really see how removing that improves the integrity of the animation (it is quite smooth imo).


2) Replayable Quests : When is it coming?


Random question : Will there ever be a Grineer Mecha boss battle?

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About the Syndicates:


Steve said the Steel Meridian girl has a name. When will we see the names of the syndicate representatives?
Are the people we speak to in the relays the actual leaders of the syndicates? If so, why are they in all relays at the same time?
About the new Navigation module:
There will probably be fewer missions, will this have effect on the mastery points received from visiting undiscovered nodes?
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Will we ever get a reward-risk overhaul?


Today going up to wave 5 many times can be more rewarding than actually staying up to wave 40, for example, as you get more credits and have the same chances at mods and resources.


Same with survivals, going up to 15 minutes and leaving seems to be better than going up to riskier content. Any thoughts on that?

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