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Archwing Mission Orokin Tileset Glitch


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I don't know if this has happened to anyone before...


But I came along a funny bug as me and my friend were playing a mission with the Orokin tower map tileset (I think that's what it is? I'm new)


We were able to fly up out of the map through the geisers/waterfalls/idek and possibly completely fall out of the game :P


Also we managed to enter a room that had loot boxes but there were no exits what-so-ever. Just a floor, 4 walls, and a ceiling. No way out. 

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Yeah, I didn't get the screen shot it was my friend and he did use his phone. I asked him to take another screenie while stuck in the room but turns out he didn't so this is all we got.. :P


But yeah I understand why you're not entirely sure what you're looking at. Most likely because there's nothing to look at. When we glitched out of the map everything was black, we couldn't even see our own warframes. There was that weird thing in the distance but I had no clue what it was.

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I cant see an image so Ill suggest 2 things for the future.


1) It sounds like the hidden room, You need to wallbounce to get out.




2)  If youre glitched outside the map type this in chat next time, It will unstick you and send a bug report to DE.


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