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Syndicate Progression Feedback


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sacrificing forma,potato and prime parts is very frustrating
and make that times 2 if you initiate with the allied faction aswell

not to mention if you wanna change factions then its 2 potatos and 2 forma just to rank up in one syndicate because of negative rank

ok so forma is available from the void but what about potatos?
those things appear so rarely on alerts and invasions it pretty much forces you to buy those with plat
just to see them wasted on syndicate progression

actually now that were talking about this I dont think the sacrfice to progress system is good at all
its not fun,its punishing and its like youre buying yourself in good terms with the syndicate

I was actually thinking that it would make much more sense and it would be much more rewarding and actually fun
if instead of the sacrifice system you would have to do some really big syndicate mission

the invasion mission formula would fit right in here
(do missions times x in order to get the goods or in this case rank up)

ofcourse it could be something completely unique mission type too
but I just figured the invasion formula would fit

this is just my opinion and how I feel about the syndicate progression
what do you guys think? is the syndicate progression system good as it is?
or could it use a second look at from DE?

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On one hand, it should be a sacrifice, not a donation of useless resources.

On the other hand, considering you can't actively farm them, you just have to wait for them to pop up, I agree that they should be changed to something else. More rare resources, more prime parts, more Forma, maybe Fusion Cores or something?


While it isn't the worst thing in the world, I kinda think it's the closest thing we have to a paywall in this game,

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It's ridiculous to have prime blueprint sacrifices on top of the huge credit sink.


[Think about the ability to obtain them]

>Can't buy

>Completely random drop


[Think about the effect it has on the player]

>If X prime part is a rare drop for the player, then they have to grind even more for their prime warframe.


[Think about the effect it has on the economy]

>Now X prime part is extra expensive, since 90% of the people who use it are going to use it for the syndicate bonus, and everyone will need the X prime part.




It's really just a stupid system.Why not make it a resource or even a mission requirement.


"Kill the jackal" or "X ampules".

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