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Prime Sets, Parts, And Rare Mods For Sale! (Wts/wtb)

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Sicarus Set- 20P

Lex Set- 20P

Orthos Set- 30P

Burston Set- 50P

Fang Set- 50P

Scindo Set- 50P

Boltor Set- 70P

Ankyros Set- 70P SOLD

Wyrm Set- 90P

Bo Set- 90P

Loki Set- 200P

Vectis Set- Offer


Ash Helmet- 40P

Ash Chassis- 30P

Boar Blueprint- Offer

Boar Stock- Offer

Glaive Disc- 10P

Glaive Blade- 10P

Loki Systems- 80P

Loki Helmet- 20P

Rhino Blueprint- 20P

Scindo Blade- 20P

Soma Barrel- 10P

Vectis Barrel- 20P

Volt Helmet- 20P

Wyrm Systems- 20P

Rare Mods....

Transient Fortitude- 20P

Blind Rage- 20P

Heavy Caliber- 40P

Barrel Diffusion- 20P

Primed Fast Hands- 50P

Primed Heated Charge- 50P

Please PM me through Xbox if interested! Don't like a price? Make an offer! ;)

I would like to trade for/ buy the following items:

Boar Barrel

Dakra Handle

R10 Magnum Force

R10 Narrow Minded

Piercing Caliber

Auger Strike


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