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Hydroid's Mod Cards Using An Incorrect Energy Color


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So as someone who's been a fan of Hydroid for a long time, this has been something that's been bugging me. Whenever you look at the Ability Cards for Hydroid, they show his water effects as being a deep blue, as shown here:


However, whenever I use the abilities, they don't accomplish this color. Below are two examples-the first being Hydroid's default energy, and the second one using the deepest blue found in the Classic Palette:

Hydroid's colors set to default

Tentacle Swarm with above colors used in Simulacrum

Hydroid's colors all defaulted asides from Energy, which is the darkest blue found in Classic Pallette (fifth from the top, first on the left)

Tentacle Swarm with above energy color


Don't know if anyone else noticed this, or if it really matters, but just thought I should bring attention to it.

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It isn't all that important, I just thought it was strange that it would be different. It's also the same incorrect color in Hydroid's promo. Besides, I personally think the color shown in the card and promo looks way better than what the default comes out too. And isn't a "feedback" section for feedback on the game?

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