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Need Help With Fang Prime Build



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Being a puncture, you probably want to fight Void/Grineer with it. Put on Pressure Point, slap on your basic Toxic/Electric elements. Life Strike is optional but recommended for high level content. Fury, Spoiled strike. It doesn't have the stats for a crit build but some will argue that Berserker is good enough even with 5-10% crit chance.

This is how I would build it: http://goo.gl/XnRj5W (Linked to Warframe Builder)


There is some flexibility there, but that's your average mid-high level Grineer build. You would probably need to invest Forma if you wanted to change out Life Strike for something else such as a dual stat elemental, Energy Channel, or Rending Strike.


Note that it has pretty much no room for a crit or status build, and you won't be doing damage to Corpus or Infested with it.

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I would build like this for anti-Grineer: http://goo.gl/cqqY5x


People always forget about the Smite XXX mods. Smite Grineer is actually better than Auger Strike.


Also, because the puncture is more effective against Ferrite armor than against Alloy, I'd bring Radiation damage from the elements which is most effective against Alloy.


For Void, I'd probably stick with Corrosive and Cold for the increased damage against Ancients, Shields, and Butchers, as those are the more common melee targets (for me). If you're running in to take out Bombards you'll still want Rad/Puncture.



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