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Braton unable to headshot crewmen


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I don't know why but all the other weapons(I don't know about Lato, or generally starting weapons)are doing extra damage hitting that big boxy helmet thing. (On the side note, if anyone want to ask I'm using Braton, not mk1-Braton )

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No I can do it without any mods of that sorts, just not with Braton....

Because the Braton has no innate puncture or armour-piercing functionality - this is also why it can't damage reinforced glass. My Braton has a 3m puncture mod and I can hit Crewmen in the head... for about 25-33% damage. Likewise, the Lex handcannon has innate armour-piercing that allows it to damage reinforced glass (a decently-ranked Lex should be able to twoshot reinf. glass) and means it does about 25-33% damage to Crewmen on headshots. This is actually worse than aiming for bodyshots because mine packs enough firepower (being stacked with +damage mods) to oneshot most of them if I tag them in the torso.

Crewmen are - as far as I can tell - an intentional inversion of the usual "headshots = easy kills" rule because that's how Grineer work, and because that's how it works in so many other games. It's to force you to change up tactics a bit instead of just shooting everything in the head or what you consider the weak spot. Keep in mind these guys have no armour anywhere on their actual body so they die if you so much as sneeze on them.

That said, they probably need a tag under their healthbar that says "Bulletproof Helmet", like the way most Grineer goons have "Heavily Armoured" under their healthbars, so people stop thinking this is a bug.

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