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Roller Pyramid O_0


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So i was leveling up my Banshee after a forma, on Kiste - Ceres and a death squad from Steel Meridian shows up for another player. Funnily before tonight a roller squad and my banshee have never been in the same mission. :P


So on reflex I hit Silence and immediately began scanning them since I'm kind of on a scanning craze to complete my codex as much as possible. :P


I didn't even realise it till I was done scanning 3 of them, that the damn Roller death squad had formed a PERFECT PYRAMID upon getting Silenced and just quietly sat there in that formation. XD


I managed to get a screenshot a bit too late by the time the Rhino P behind me had blown up one of the Rollers on the second tier. :P


But it was beautiful and I had to share it. It's wacky moments like these that make this game even more fun and memorable.



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Of course a rhino player ruined it. Typical:P


Lol, yeah the guy just went full rage mode with a Roar and started shooting them without realising what had just happened. XD Thank god they didn't stomp or I wouldn't have been able to get this awesome picture. 

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