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Game Locks Up, No Crash Reporter Opened (T4 Int)


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I just ran a T4 Interception where we left after wave 6 and just after the timer ran out and the mission ended the game just locked up for a minute and wouldn't accept any input. after about 2 minutes it changed to a loading screen then just stayed there for about 5 minutes  until i just shut it down and but no crash reporter popped up. when i tried to log back in it took a minute and failed login. Tried again and it worked after a few seconds but my progress and the parts i got from that mission didn't save. All the while i was checking the my internet on other devices and it was working fine.


among the parts won during the mission was one i was working for a while to get. i understand the game is still a WIP and these things happen and that i probably wont get my parts back but this kind of thing where a player has something they need and lose it due to a glitch is infuriating and is why i have to leave the game for days or weeks at a time.


I appreciate the entire warframe team for what they do and making an otherwise fantastic game. Any help is appreciated.

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exact same thing just happened to me .. T4 int

same thing yesterday!!


wow just cant catch a brake!


this is getting to be a usual thing.. 

might just have to tell everyone expect a crash at any moment! 

prepare to lose all you work for at any moment!

get ready to fail at any moment!

Thanks for participating in our beta at this moment


-- EDIT -- 

funny thing I just spent 150$ for a Prime access , not to mention all the rest and have never gotten a brake on any platinum

LOL funny eh!

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