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Living Pipes?


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Not sure where something like this would go but I was doing and infested mission on a grineer tile set when I failed to copter over a gap leading me to in turn hit a pipe the pipe took damage (which I couldn't screenshot due to being unready for it and it only seemed to be this particular pipe (didn't test extensively just a few that looked similar in the immediate area) the pipe also bled and got a red outline similar to what happens to enemies sometimes when you have (what I assume are) latency issues.




Couple of Pics of the pipe from a distance




Edit: Should be noted bullets did nothing to it only applies to melee

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I sometimes notice that hit detection outline on numerous environmental objects such as crates, pipes, consoles and whatnot; sometimes even terrain stuff like catwalks or even rocks. Been seeing it since they implemented it I think.
Can't tell what causes it though, seems random.

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