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Expanding Combat Mechanics


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Fighting in Warframe is very fun, but it tends to become boring. As a person that is continuously searching for new things, I'm always seeking to improve Warframe.
I'd like to make combat in Warframe a little more interesting and enjoyable by adding certain actions, like 'takedowns':

Imagine you're in combat, fighting a Grineer at close range. You melee or shoot him to death.

But wouldn't it be much more interesting if you could kill him in new, interesting ways?

Imagine that you're fighting him, again. But, in the split second he punches you, you can finish him off by simply using his momentum to knock him down and driving your blade into his spine!

Neat little things like these could make combat in Warframe much more satisfying then the shoot 'n slash trench shooter it is now.

Interacting with the environment would be pretty neat as well. Being able to manually lock doors is just the beginning.

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Proper counters, takedowns, secondary/melee dual wielding, an actual stealth system.

All these things would be great.

I personally got little bit tired of making massive and elaborate suggestion threads on the off chance DE even sees them to consider and idea or draw inspiration.


I completely agree that some more indepth combat mechanics would be a great thing.

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Personally I think these "takedowns" should also depend on where you are in relation to the enemy, not just based on them attacking, along with possibly different effects depending where you are or what you press (so Block could be for Non-Lethal, Attack for Lethal.)


An example would be dodging past a Bombard and ending up behind him, with you now having two options based on what you press - 


Option 1 is a Lethal Finisher that works as it currently does (either you deal enough damage to outright kill him, or you don't but they still take a large amount of damage and get knocked down for a second.)


Option 2 is a Non-Lethal Takedown, which instead of dealing a large amount of damage will have you disarm the Bombard of his weapon, and throw/knock them forward, knocking both them and enemies they hit down to the ground.


This way you have more ways as a melee-user to deal with large threats (Bombards, Heavy Gunners, Napalms, etc...) or deal with crowds of enemies outside of mashing your attack button in the hopes they die before you do.

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