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Show Potato And Forma In Arsenal Screen


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I am probably not the first person who is suggesting this, but i want to bring it up again.

I would love to see my forma and potato, not only if i upgrade a weapon, but in the normal UI screen like in the screenshots:






Edit: Yeah i know i shopped a reactor on my Skana Prime, but i was to lazy to fix it :D

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Wanted this for a while...



Yeah stars would work til a certain point, but some people have crazy amount of formas on their gear at some point it would need to switch to numbers.


You called?




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i approve of the concept (ofcourse i do, who wouldn't). how it looks on the Interface isn't critically important, as long as i know how many times something has been Polarized, and if it has a Potato on it.


Yeah how it looks design-wise does not matter, it just should show in the two places shown in the screenshots.

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