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Things That Need To Change


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Being MR19, I only really get on to get new stuff as its released, max it out and then wait for next time. And Yeah sure for some its fun to do a ton of missions and what not, but for others its just a pain in the behind.  As to what needs to change? Thats harder to say but here are a few things I would like to see:


01 Smarter AI: lets face it enemies are dumb as bricks, and could use a IQ boost

02 Less Grind: I'm not saying give us everything right away, but we all know drop tables are stupid as they are.

03 Better gear balance:  with all the "nerf/buff" complaints all the time its kinda obvious letting only 1 person be in charge of weapons is silly.

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i get bored very easily aone in games like warframe, i always play with a friend and i always do missions different style like:"lets not be seen this time" or "lets try and go only melee/secondary" and try bunch of diffeerent crazy stuff like using no abilities or abilities only, used to do bunch of weird builds on my old account too, the game is more fun when you experiment.

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I think they need to increase the studio size, 


To answer your initial question , no you aren't alone.
After "farming" for the new primes i strongly consider stepping away from warframe. This has happened consistantly since the release of Nova Prime.

Too many promises and too little change. The drop tables and the way the game rewards us in my opinion needs to change as fast as the next update. 

I envisioned the void trader not as he is now , but more of a trade x.ducats for 1 piece of your choice every two weeks. That to me seems like a good idea. But then you would have to adjust ducat worth - and probably disable trading on new primes to make it fair.

I dislike the idea of prime trading in general. 

If it were up to me , i would've never given that option to players. Mods are one thing - But frames and weapons? 
What keeps us here exactly? ...Endurance type missions so that we get a chance to roll dice at that time so that we perhaps get a chance to acquire what we need over junk? ...This isn't fun anymore. It really isn't.

I relentlesly traded for Nova Prime. After it was all said and done i didn't feel any desire to play her (at least at that point in time...)
And then that feeling grew with the Volt prime farm. Once i acquired the last piece it was like i had just finished a week of chores.

It was even worse with Ash prime (the prime that almost broke me..) i told several friends that once i ran out of t3s keys i would no longer be trying.
(Keep in mind i had 42-38 keys or so when i started off farming for the systems - each game i played was between 40-60minutes a pop. I am now down to 8 keys. And STILL have not acquired the ash prime systems by myself!) Luckily , and for the sake of my sanity a friend traded it to me.

And again , zero feeling of accomplishment or fun. 

- Sorry about going all ranty there...But that is really how it is.

Oh yea and hey , while were on this subject. removing old primes and "vaulting" them is not the awesome solution to this problem at all. 

When i saw frost and then mag go bye-bye i was literally like "Really!? ...So no one else see's that this not solving anything? they're just removing old bits that are easy to acquire and cramming in the new stuff with a substantially lower drop chance. SHELDON." *IRL rage fist* 

Im completely with you on this. After i get new gear i just cant play anymore even getting the gear is hard to do now 

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