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New Warframe - Monolith


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"Monolith is the heaviest, and most well protected, Warframe to date, Tenno. Dont get in his way."


Monolith is a Tank. Or rather, he redefines what it means to be a Tank in Warframe. 


Appearance wise, Monolith is huge. Tall as Limbo, wide as Rhino. Broader than Rhino prime in the shoulders and chest. A massive, muscular Warframe, metallic and armored in appearance. He carries a small, potent cannon on one shoulder, which normally remains dormant drops in close to his shoulder.




Armor: 800

Shields: 50

Health: 75

Energy: 100

Sprint Speed: 0.8





Blast Cannon - 25 Energy


Monlith fires his blast cannon at enemies in his Crosshair. The target and all enemies within 5 meters suffer a Blast proc and are knocked down. Blast Cannon deals 50/100/200 Damage, split between Blast and Impact.


Burst Cannon - 25 Energy


Monolith's shoulder cannon switches to burst fire mode and tracks enemies not within Monolith's line of sight for 10/20/30 seconds. Burst cannon fires a 3/4/5 round burst, dealing 10/15/20 Puncture damage with each round, to targets hit. 


Turret Mode - 25 Energy, then 5/sec


Monolith anchors himself in place, unable to run or walk (he can still turn), and can only fire his shoulder cannon. During Turret Mode, the alt-fire button fires cannon blasts, dealing 200/400/600 Blast damage to the target and enemies in a 5/10/15m radius. The primary fire button fires bursts of 3/4/5 rounds dealing 10/15/20 damage per round of Puncture and Slash damage. 


Barrage - 100 Energy (Requires Turret Mode Active)


Barrage overrides Monolith's Turret Mode, replacing either fire mode with a Barrage of weapons fired from the shoulder turret and built in mini-launchers on Monolith's shoulders or wrists. 


Each use of Barrage fires miniature homing rockets that deal 50/100/150 Puncture/Impact damage and stagger targets, and a round of land mines/bombs that impact in a 5m radius around Monolith, dealing 100/200/300 Blast damage and staggering enemies who are not knocked down by the blast. 





Laser Blast - Blast Cannon Augment: Replaces the Blast project with a beam laser dealing 25/50/75 Magnetic damage per burst.


Rapid Fire: Burst Cannon Augment: Burst cannon switches to full automatic fire, suffering a slight accuracy reduction in tracking in exchange for a 10/20/30% damage bonus and slight Puncture increase.


Enhanced Tracking - Turret Mode Augment: While in Turret Mode, Monolith and allies track enemies on mini maps. (This enables the player to anticipate incoming enemies and swivel to meet them, and time Barrages.)


Blast Wave - Barrage Augment: Enabling Barrage sends out a blast wave. Enemies within a 5m radius suffer a Blast proc and are knocked back, clearing space for Monolith to operate.



Monolith - who I could also see named as Bastion or Tower - is my attempt to create a Frame built first and foremost as a weapon. Most frames incorporate angles and sleek, mysterious looks to go with their half-magical nature.


So I asked myself...what if Lotus wanted a Weapon. Just a Weapon. A frame that channels energy into powerful onboard weapons and systems that behave in powerful, controller, militaristic ways.



So tell me what you think of an enormous, armored, walking tank frame with built in cannons (whose most powerful modes dont go all Mesa and auto aim for you). 





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1st thing, even with 800 armour, standing still isnt warframe, maybe make it so that he Walk (Chroma Fire) pace

2nd Im not so sure if the hole more angular Robotic/Predator? design would work with warframes aesthetic

Apart from that digging the design

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Thanks for the feedback. Spectre turrets are solid idea.


Also, good point about being able to slow walk like Chroma. Some movement might be necessary, but too, I had in mind that the turret would be pretty powerful and able to devastate enemies for a short while pretty well. 

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Hey again


You got some nice ideas 

Only ability i have a issue with is turret

If we cant move then we should get more armor like Rhinos iron skin or just drop specter turret sentries is nice aswell and being able to cast at will would open up nice in game


Remember Mobility is Warframes essence


Monolith Master Race xP

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