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The Beast (Open Rp)


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A little background info about my charachter: Cahal, a rhino with a hate for the grineer but a love for the corpus, reason he's the kind of tenno that can't get enough from platinum and credits and defenitly when it comes to new cosmetics in the market and a true waepon lover. His arsenal varies from the opticor to the boltor prime from dragon nikana to tipedo and from dex furis to telos akbolto, he has it all. He's not a big fan of archwing so finding him in an archwing mission is rare, most of the time he's in the void or somewhere killing grineer. And he hates going in to unknown terretory alone.

Let's get to the story.


Cahal was recoloring his suit when he got a destress signal from a nearby corpus ship. after finishing the coloring of his suit he went and investigated the corpus ship, most of it interior was ripped of as if some kind of beast went beserk in it. All the lockers we're opent but the credits and loot we're still in there, like it was looking for something impeticular, but what. I went and got to the core room, a part of it was destroyed. That could explain the lights that are flickering and the lockdown in some places. After looking a bit around for a door that was open i found that one of the airshafts was torn open from the inside."should Should I go and investegate, the last thing i want now is meet my death." I kept thinking while in the airshaft. I suddenly heard a noice coming from beneath me."please tell me its just a crewman".

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