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(Ooc) A Pound Of Flesh (Infested Outbreak, 18+) [Full]


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I like fluff. The fluffy kind of fluff that comes across as fluffy. Here is the fluff for this RP




A Grineer Galleon has returned to its fleet from a picket detail, but when it was hailed there was no response. The Grineer sent ships to investigate, and stumbled upon hellish abominations. 


The Infested, The Phorid, the... Things... had managed to overrun the entire vessel. When the investigation parties returned to their Galleons and Asteroid Ships, they unintentionally brought the Abominations on board. The Phorid quickly spread about most of the battlegroup. 


The Grineer are desperate... They have made a bounty offer for any Tenno willing to help. Even if they wouldn't admit it, the Grineer know that 1 Tenno is worth hundreds of their own Lancers. A team needs to be put together.




There are a total of 5 available slots in this RP. A character sheet will be provided below.


DISCLAIMER: I am one of the most unforgiving GMs you may ever meet, so if you goofed, yew dun fooked up right-good. 




Character Sheet


NAME: (The name of your Tenno)

GENDER: (Despite Warframes being gender specific in game, I prefer to think that perhaps women are just as capable as Loki, so your Frame may be gender-fluid if you choose)

WARFRAME: (The warframe your Tenno will be wearing)

WEAPONS: (A list of your Tenno's weapons they will be bringing into combat. This includes any companions)

PERSONALITY: (Describe your Tenno's personality and how they interact with others)

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: (Exactly what it sounds like, a list of what advantages and disadvantages you have. Fear could be a major one of these)




Player List


+ Myself (Mogis, Rhino)

+ KaiAsakura15 (Raphire, Mesa)

+ Blackout751 (Keitel, Ash)

+ elecEmperor (Shinai, Excalibur)

+ Silent-Amphibian (Burnell, Nova Prime)

+ -Solid_Snake (Rogue, Loki)



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NAME: Keitel.



WEAPONS: Sobek, Ballistica, Glaive and Shade.

PERSONALITY: Though it often doesn't seem like it, the only people he cares for are his fellow Tenno. To help one, he'll do whatever is required no matter its cost to him. Maybe it's just his perspective of how doomed the Tenno seem to be, but he'll go to the ends of the System to see his allies free from the darkness they're barely pushing back.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: While he often sees the tactics of many situations and can act accordingly, this is offset entirely by personal loyalty to other Tenno and his willingness to sacrifice anything but his own and missions too critical to fail. To this end, he's morally questionable - able to kill with impunity even if innocent, to rescue even if corrupt. As long as it assures the wellbeing of the Tenno, whatever it takes.

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NAME: Mogis



WEAPONS: Boltor, AkLato, Magistar, Dethcube (named Cerberus)

PERSONALITY: Mogis has had a long history. A tank and a furious fighter, he has developed a reckless and violent streak when in the heat of battle. Outside of a fight, he is really just a somewhat sour teddy bear. When with his fellow Tenno and in a more social environment, he is a gentle giant and rarely behaves in a hostile manner, save for a dry wit. Whenever work is discussed, however, he is one for business and behaves very professionally, his sarcasm still remaining present. See Here


+ Brutally Effective Fighter

+ Gets along well with others that don't piss him off

+ Enjoys a good fight

+ Teddy Bear of Adorable Cynicism


 - Reckless in a fight

 - Cynical and Sarcastic

 - Occasionally Condescending


-+ Quick to Trust others

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NAME: Shinai
WARFRAME: Excalibur
WEAPONS: Wyrm, Boltor, Dual Vipers, Dual Heat Swords
PERSONALITY: Shinai typically's a bit of a hothead.  Cocky and self-assured, though he's still technically an initiate.  Enjoys the cleansing of those that threaten the survival of the Tenno - namely himself, less the others.  Once he's cooled down from a mission, though, he can be a pretty likeable guy. 

+- Lack of fear when going up against an enemy.
+ Courage
+ Effective, if a bit rough
+ Willing to work with a team, if the situation requires it.
+- Excitable about the prospect of missions.
+- A bit of a smartass.
- A lot of a smartass.
- Doesn't respect enemies.  Or a lot of the other Tenno.
- Inexperienced.
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NAME: Raphire (Raf-pyre)

GENDER: Female



-Primary: Latron- modded to supress it's sound, lower recoil and shock.

-Secondary: Hikou

-Melee: Fang


PERSONALITY: She's a closed book, silent and unreadable. Usually when she speaks, her words are often wise or helpful in some way. She's very observant to her environment as well as the people around her. One thing she hates are people doing things behind her back or being tricked by an ally. During times of extreme stress, Her personality undergoes an extreme change; exhibiting more anger as well as being more loud and outgoing than her usually stoic nature. she's also hot-headed and quick to temper when this happens.


+ Not many things make her lose her head.

+Never backs down unless the situation absolutely calls for it. 

+Dedicates herself to a task and does whatever she can to accomplish it.


-Once she experiences something that can rattle her, she literally 'comes apart', meaning she talks as if someone else is there.

- Can be too confident in her abilities, usually ending up with her near death.

- Fears being alone, often talking to herself and going somewhat mental when she is. This prevents her from being as focused as she usually is as most of her focus goes towards trying to shake off the feeling of lonliness.

-When her personality changes, she's very unpredictable and unreasonable; often going off on allies should they bother her.

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NAME: Burnell

GENDER: Female

WARFRAME: Nova Prime with Slipstream helmet


-Primary: Kohm, the mighty exponential shotgun with a tight choke for a focused stream of pellets.

-Secondary: Angstrum, slotted up for as many micro-rockets as the barrel could conceivably handle, and then some.

-Melee: Glaive, modded up for flight speed and bouncing around like a kubrow puppy on fresh genetic stimulants.

PERSONALITY: Burnell is, simply put, a genius. However, she is a manic genius and somewhat unfocused. She's prone to fits and bouts madness and laughing as she throws lateral thinking to a whole new level. Using her Wormhole to fling not only herself but her Glaive into groups of enemies and use the many richochets to hit the most unlikely of targets, multiple Antimatter Drops to cause chain explosions, and Null Stars as hovering explosive traps. A lot of her stories tend to end in a far-to-enthusiastic "AND THEN, EVERYTHING EXPLODED!"



+ Lateral thinking and unconventional uses of her abilities out the yin-yang.

+ Super-genius level intellect and able to process complex equations and figures in nanoseconds.

+ Hardcore modification expert. Who knew your run of the mill Lato could do THAT after she got her spindly fingers on it.


- Flighty dame.

- Headstrong, to the point of rashness and unpredictable behavior,

- Personality is often refereed to as 'grating' at best. Burnell is not to be allowed on anything stealth related or where subtlety is required.

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Okay, before we begin, I want all of you to know... This will be nothing like the Infestation you know from in game.


This is what my take on TRUE INFESTATION would be like. Writhing swarms of flesh and hunger, trample over each other just for a taste of your blood.


As GM, I will subject you to the most brutal IC punishment, both psychologically and physically. You will not only be tested, you will be pushed to your absolute limits, and some of you may die by my hand (as GM).




Also, a sidenote, I prefer a literary writing style as opposed to ability and mechanic based. 

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So any high-leveled infestation mission with woefully under-leveled gear and the spawn rate set to 'Screw everything, but screw these five players in particular.'?


How long will we last? Will Burnell be strangled at the hands of Raphire? Will Shinai throw a clever quip before activating Exalted Blade one last time? Will the cynic find something worth fighting for in the Void-forsaken cesspit of a ship? WILL CERBERUS FIND LOVE?


But seriously, as long as we all have fun and a chance to show off, it's all good.


Edit: Also, have a Burnell - http://i.imgur.com/pNyld1w.png

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Yes they can, but Teddy Bear wants to help the broken Mesa (backstory and personality piqued my interest). Teddy Bear will turtle the Mesa whether she likes it or not. I'm gonna start writing the IC thread starter. This'll be fun. It won't be action right from the start. We'll be boarding (somewhat tentatively) a Grineer Galleon that is staging the Fleet Purification. We'll be briefed by the Grineer Commanding Officer and we'll be boarding with them. It'll be tense, but necessary.

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