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Warframe Idea


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Ive been thinking of a warframe that could be in the game and i thought id share it with you all and ask what your guys opinion is. Note the base mod range, duration, etc here would be increased by mods.

Warframe Name: Hunter

1st Ability: Phantom Sight See nearby targets location through walls and floors in a radius of 7 meters max for 10 secs.

2nd Ability: ?????? Your Character will go invisible and make others invisble as long as your standing still based off of how much energy you have (Like The Itzal Archwings 2nd ability)


3rd Ability: Snare Hunter Creates a Trap catching multiple enemies at once (10 enemies max)


4th Ability: Phantom Bow create a Bow that fires arrows that track a target its fired at, also will run off of energy



Health: 100

Shield: 90

Armor: 100

Power: 100



Passive ability: Synthesize Targets trails are tracked without the Synthesize scanner out. On Earth missions you are harder to spot. Bows have increased reload and fire rate.

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