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Warframe Teamwork/combos! X3



Its always good to be a supporter or the leader of your group you run. Always try your very best to revive your incapacitated (down) allies this will help letting them know you are a trustworthy player who relies on ones self and the survival of the group in general. Also, picking up allies plays a bigger role than you might think, saving your eam will spare them of wasting their revivals and/or leaving uour game (this is useful for Void or other farming strategies)




If you ever needed a awesome group to perform an excellent job durring these farms let me make some Warframe reconmnendations:


Nekros, Frost, Mesa, Rhino

Nyx, Valkyr,Rhino, Trinity 

Trinity, Oberon, Nova, Mag


My Ideal FARM TEAM is:

Nekros, Mag, Frost, Rhino

Mag, Nekros, Nyx, Valkyr 

Mag, Mesa, Nekros, Frost



I hope you found this post usefull and please if you have better Warframe C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! ideas leave a reply or helpful tips so newies can be expert leaders! :3

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