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In The World Of Warframe


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In the world of warframe their exist many warframes.

We have those that use fire,those that use ice,those that use lightning,and those that use toxic.

We have those that user Radiation,those that use magnetic,those that use blast,and those that just like to be special and quad-polar and be able to use all 4(YEAH I AM LOOKING AT Uuuuu....awesome looking chameleon wannabe)

,but have you ever thought who are the top 3 warframes,Not just in performance,but in design and also in intimidation.

THIS THREAD IS TO RANK THE TOP 3(based on opinion)(i am not sure if the jokes i make are allowed)

Intimidating Warframe

-Intimidation is something used to make their enemy go into a state of fear one look at this fellow and you think 2x before charging at that guy with that butcher knife looking thing.Here are MY TOP 3 Intimidating warframe




3.Rhino/Rhino Prime


Now i don't know about you guys but something that looks like a moving fortress and is absorbing bullets like a sponge is something i don't want to mess with.I mean this guys ,this warframe basicly says "give me your best shot...come on let me have it,it won't even knock me down"and after that one bombard tries to be a hero and gets brave enough to shoot he just laugh at him.


Men i am not sure about you guys but if i saw rhino walking around i would not want to mess with him.I mean that thing got me beat in so many ways that it hurts my pride as a men,and i am like MEN I AM ONLY GONNA USE MALE FRAME CAUSE I AM REAL MEN i ain't like those hey i am use mag cause she cute.....I look at that guy and i am like .....cute....ha.....thats cool you better be pulling(lol get the joke)and well once the grineer heard their was a Rhino prime that was when bombards got the heat seeking missiles ogris because before them Rhino would just laugh it off.

And well thats basicly why rhino make my top 3 intimidating warframe SO INTIMIDATING WE HAD TO NERF THAT IRON SKIN TO TUFF Lotus was like" rhino your making the grineer cry is trowing the solar system off the balance we got nerf you."and rhino was like"...........okay but you got nerf mag too"


Your a Grineer sniper your watching the field and then suddenly you see huge giant tentacles attack your fellow grineer in the field taking them apart until their are nothing but items no amount of boot camp has ever prepared you to face this tentacle monster.The only other time you seen this happend is one of your fellow grineer had downloaded some old anime from the interception site and you just began to question if he was a defect.But in all honesty i think seeing a guy who can choke you to death by drowning is quiet intimidating not sure about you but drowning is one of the fear i have.This warframe he looks like Davy Jones meet the kraken and had pirate child who got train by Tenshin.Like that not a warframe that davy and kraken child we just call it warframe to let him use his power to fight with us tenno.

SO Hydroid makes my top 3 intimidating warframe this things is the nightmare of every anime girl out their.


Let say your a grineer and you just got a new job your watching your fellow grineer having a chat and BOOM everyone of your friends is dead.As you look at what approaches you a skinny looking humanoid whose body just screams i am here to kill you,and then he brings Your Dead Body back to life GOD,i don't know about you but this is nightmare fuel here.

Nekros makes the Top on my list this need not only kill your friends but brings them back to kill you and then make you kill your other friends ,who you really just talk to when you been move to that other planet because you had to much fun playing spin the helmet.Is like when a master rank2 hears stalker ,well grineer hear Nekros



Best performing warframe

Just saying when you see the word performance what do you think.Well I think cool tricks,so adaptable,and most of all NOT 1 TRICK PONY.

SO here are my top 3 best performing warframe







So when i see this warframe i feel alive,i feel free, i feel like i can touch the sky,and then i feel like freaking Cole Macgrath Doing my fire ultimate on the ground.This my friend is Zephyr while i don't use any female warframe i Love seeing a Zephyr performing her powers are not that big of deal but after going from mission to mission and seeing the same frames and build just seeing a Zephyr having fun with her powers is great that is why

she makes my top 3 best performing warframe


Now looking back at my experiences with this guy i just kind of wonder hey bro what can you not do apart from fly,which is interesting your a dragon that cannot fly.So yeah this guys is something he make me feel like i can tank the world or well i can tank a lazer beam from the traps in the Void.But yeah when using Chroma i have learn that using emotes with his 1st skill is like i just became a FIRE BENDER all hail the Fire Nation with the 1st toxic bender.

so Yeah Chroma with insane artistic way and adaptability he being modded allows puts him in my best 3 performing warframe.


My final top 1 best performing warframe now this Guy he is so great that well he was number 1...Yes he was gonna be bulbasaur...but then DE got the rights to it and made This Guy Warframe poster boy(you think i kid look at the DEVSTREAMS which one either already has released or will release tomorrow)Well lets just say that this guy goes here because you can use him in every situation,you don't feel,Well i don't feel constrain when using him,and all his skills are viable.AND WITH THE REWORK OH HIS PERFROMANCE PUT HIM AT TOP 1 in my top 3 best performing warframe.He performs so well he can do Razor leaf and leaf storm,He learns pokemon moves.....Yes he does don't tell me otherwise i saw it...The excal was using green energy.


Candy looking warframe

Now what do i refer to candy looking warframe well candy is sweet and if you ever get attack by jolly rancher yeah it hurts but you laught it off and say thank you to your attacker,Lets just say that if you get killed by tenno and it just so happend that you turned into an infested you would not share the story how you died to your fellow infested.No seriously is like telling the story how you almost died from chocking on nerds right after your friend just told the story how he almost died from sky diving.

SO this are my top 3 CANDY warframe....just for the record i know all warframe are great



1.Loki/Loki Prime




Now i don't know about you,but i can gladly say that hypnotism fails on me really is just sad when i see some people be hypnotized.So just based of that i put this fragile lotus flower here on the list.I mean yeah you can mind control but really all your power are brain related do you even touch your enemies....HUH....So yeah any Warframe who has to use their brain to kill their enemy cause they ARE NOT BUFF enought to fight with fist make my book here,but nyx more because if you were a grineer and you just got killed by absorbed how would you feel.......Yeah i died cause i kept shooting a bubble....Yeah exactly so she makes my top 3 candy 


So your gonna start seeing a trend here

(but really i had to go here)so let say you just got killed and the GREAT CREATOR OF WARFRAME ASK YOU HOW DID YOU DIED welll i got near a console that was shinning with power and it exploded.Now let me tell you why i would laught at you one....if i am an enemy and i am fighting things with power unlike anything i seen and something i am used to seeing looks different and is glowing i am staying away from that.Just the fact of how ridiculous this things warframe powers i just had to put her here.1st move clones....really clones sure they will kick my but and i deserve it if i don't realize the main body is the one IN THE MIDDLE...but yeah clones that are basic holograms.The we got some DISCO BALL shenanigans really come on is a disco ball of death i cannot take that seriously i laugh a little i really do.

and with sleight of hand of yeah....that's the kicker here that's all their is to it.Putting this warframe named .....Mirage as one of my top 3 Candy warframes....Oh yeah and the Harlequin helmet with the bunny ear and bunny girl style look was pretty cool design props to the bunny ear designer for Easter that month event made my day.


Now you should see the trend

So this guys men he is quiet something,but really he is quiet something i think a hammer head shark meet a jellyfish mermaid and had a kid(i love loki)But if i had to tell the queen or THE MIGHTY CORPUS OVERLORD KNOW AS HELIX that i got my but kick by skate looking hammer shark....men i would just walk away and quit my job.

Now let me tell you why this guy is all candy..One he can't take shield to the face,two he uses confusion to defeat people is like using the Pokemon move confuse ray you have .25 chance to screw it up and get yourself killed.Now what interest me the most is hit ulti he takes his any weapons away ,but somehow manages to give all of them the same weapon....I mean i know the grineer and corpus don't use the same weapon but really they darn well use them now.I mean i understand he is the confusing frame but i would just let them use their fist because in all honesty this guy is a joke...who freaking tapes a baton with Christmas light on a MoA

and that is why Loki/Loki Prime makes my top in candy list.Because he is just so powerfull ridiculous...HOW THE HECK did you not see the bright pink energy color that was walking towards you.


So lets go


Now just heads up this is my opinion you guys adds yours and your own list.


I should probably write that i will re-write this post later kind of was an idea i didn't want to loose for discussion but it need tweaking and more understanding.Better spelling and grammar.


https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/495259-in-the-origin-system-we-have-warframestop-list/ here is the edited version

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This is what happens when you drink and post.

No drink just post......Just post.....came back from work.......really late i need a nap,but i kind of want to address any confusion that my post may create.

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1- Ash (teleport/bladestorm)

2- Hydroid (tentacle swarm)

3- Oberon/Loki/Nyx (reckoning/irradiating disarm/chaos...basically radiation proc)

I honestly don't know what you're asking for the other two categories, could be because it's 1am

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Don't post while drunk kids.

I think you categories could be reevaluated.

Well i am not drunk and yes I will be reevaluating those things after i take my nap and sleep really would prefer people would not accuse me of drinking.you don't need to be drunk to make mistakes you just God be tired or not understand the situation and try to do.well I feel like I a dress the situation enough I can take a nap. Edited by Leavith
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