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Latron Prime Barrel (Bug?)


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Ok so I completed a Orokin tile set, said it gave me the barrel (or a BP for it, not sure which) but when I went to check my foundry, nothing nada, zip. So uh... yah... anyone else find this issue?

EDIT: Yup this seems confirmed now, just had it happen to myself and a friend with the latron stock.

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yes sir


it seems that the whole rewards from the new area are bugged beside the latron prime blueprint so far




check your inventory?

wont help anything, there are simply not there


not counted on the latron prime blueprint or in the inventory

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yea i was awarded the latron prime stock and its no where to be found at all.. it was nice and all to do the new tiles but only getting a loot radar mod out of it kinda sucks lol... i was excited until i went to look for the item to show my fiance after i was done and it was not there...

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