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Primed Kubrow Armor Concept


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Ladies and Gentlemen out there, since Kubrow armor are coming in in U17, I would like to show you the concept with hand drawn skills.


The Armor is a concept for a primed kubrow armor that may or may not be featured in the next/future prime access packages or Best Fan Concepts chosen by DE.


But i hope the community out there is kind enough to comment and leave personal thoughts about the Armor. If the armor is going to have a buff, like giving extra health, damage, etc. To the Kubrow it would be nice for some experienced warframe players like me to have a buff on the armor for the kubrows to assist people in higher tier missions.


The base design is based off my favorite weapons used in warframe (Boltor Prime, Telos AkBolto, Boltace) and Void Energy (flowing prisma effects) inspired by Baro Ki'Teer (Void Trader)



Armor Name:


Prime Boltorium Crystal Armor


Armor Status:


+ 200 base damage

+ 100 armor

+ 2.0 x crit damage


Armor Features:


+ Cosmetic Synadana (follows the tail of the Kubrow where ever it moves) - picture shows the phased synadana equipped

+ Legs of Kubrow Armor have Void energy floating upwards and disappear at chest height (like ember's ember effect the floats upwards)

+ Void energy from the Kubrow's legs, when running or moving leaves a trail of void energy shards behind it for a short period of time before disappearing

+ Crystals and the Entire Armor levitates from Kubrow, also crystals light up when you channel

+  Gives the armor a loyal and swag look


Armour Description:


This crystallized armor, thought to be lost in the void forever. Found. Forgotten. Unused. As you picked it up, you felt a chill run down your spine. A unknown chill that felt unique. A Unique chill that channeled energy from its crystals to you and your kubrow as soon as you've made contact. An Energy never felt before. An Energy that was given to you by the Void.


Image uploaded to Imgur:





Golden parts: Prime armor

Blue parts : flowing void energy or particles (legs)

Entire Armor: levitates from Kubrow with blue shadings indicating it


P.S i took a lot of time and effort to make and draw this. Hope you guys are happy :)

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To be honest, the recent art styles that warframe has been heading is not to my liking. I always imagined the tenno to have flowing and elegant designs, and they are straying away from that a little too much in my opinion. Now that I've got that off my chest, I personally love your designs, of which I will only be commenting on for various reasons. Keep up the good work with that art of yours

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