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Make This A Tangible Tile - Phobos Background Tile


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Wouldn't mind seeing this background area become an actual room within the tileset.  It is set up pretty uniquely and i find it pretty ascetic personally.  This kind of room obviously might not work in an endless type mission but endless missions tend to exclude certain rooms already so that wouldn't be an issue.








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Oh wow never saw that one before. Kinda sad how in (almost any game really) games you'll find fully rendered areas that you're never meant to reach.


But yes, especially with parkour 2.0 this looks like a very nice area to have as a tile.

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If we're making threads like this, can I recommend this one from the Ceres extraction tile?




Different angles:



Tile in question:



I noticed it while I was leveling my Saryn in exterminates.

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