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List Of Sellable Objects.

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100,000 Points in Syndicates Steel Meridian, Red Veil, and Cephalon Suda, (5 Mods or 1 Weapon)
Complete Prime Weapons


  • Boar Prime
  • Boltor Prime
  • Burston Prime
  • Lex Prime
  • Fang Prime
  • Dakra Prime
  • Paris Prime


Complete Prime Frames


  • Rhino Prime
  • Mag Prime
  • Nova Prime


Valuable Prime Parts


  • Reaper Prime BP, Handle
  • Latron Prime Barrel, Receiver
  • Frost Prime Helmet
  • Scindo Prime Blade
  • Wyrm Prime BP, System
Valuable Mods


  • Animal Instinct
  • Accelerated Blast
  • Bite
  • Barrel Diffusion
  • Split Chamber
  • Hell's Chamber
  • Continuity
  • Fired Up
  • Flow
  • Intensify
  • Sanctuary
  • Spoiled Strike
  • Thunder Bolt
  • Master Thief


Valuable Stances


  • Bleeding Willow
  • Coiling Viper
  • Crimson Dervish (only 1, though)
  • Blind Justice
  • Eleventh Storm
Besides these, have other mods or Stances that may be of interest. Ask and I'll check.
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