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Iron Skin Feed Back.


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These threads are inevitable, so here we go:


For those of you who have been playing around with the new IS, what are your thoughts?


What I noticed right away was that the iron skin color fades immediately after cast, and also that I can cast multiple iron skins in quick succession, clearly before the duration of the previous ends. The obvious question is: is this working as intended,  and do successive casts stack in terms of damage/time?


I also noticed that the taunt had no obvious effect. I'm not sure if it was working or not. Perhaps the taunt only occurs on cast, and the effect does not continue (once again, working as intended?)



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it is working as intended because multiple casts stacks the amount of shields


Thank you for that clarification.


An indicator of the amount of soak left would be nice.


EDIT: I just ran another mission and it DID NOT allow me to stack IS. I'm not sure what to think.

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