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State Of Sentinels (Esp Shade And Helios), Procurement Nuances



I started off feeling it was worth the jab in the arm early in my Tenno career so I got a Carrier Sentinel with plat.

- Carrier Potato'd, has its gun, believe it also added 'vacuum' and 'striker' mods

- Sweeper Potato'd, since it leverages my shotgun mods, I *don't think* it came with any/basic mods

- Added 2 new slots to a generous Sentinel/Sentinel weapon pool (more-so than Frames and reg weapon needs IMO)


I've since been thinking of adding a couple, Helios and Shade, for codex and complementing my Loki, respectively.

I'm not really worried about the extra Sentinel/gun slot, and I'm really not (or nowhere) near needing Potato'd Sentinels.

Even my carrier gun doesn't arguably need the potato.  This of course may change as I move higher in MR/mods/etc.


So finally to my queries, are either Helios or Shade 'plat-worthy'?  [Or a different one I really need to look hard at?]


* Helios I've bough the blueprints (clan 10/15K) and outside 10 Fieldron to farm and a Forma, looks like a slam dunk.

BUT unlike Shade (and just about any other Sentinel) I don't seem to have any (of the 3) Helios mods already.

-> In building the Helios I have to imagine I get Deconstructor wpn? I know I won't get new slots or potatoes this time.

-> In building the Helios I'm not entirely sure I'll at least get any/his basic functional mods?  - My immediate concern.


* Shade I have Ghost and Revenge which as far as I can see is the only two it offers.  I have not bought the 100K BP.

BUT unlike Helios who I feel may work with any of my warframes, this seems like a niche 'help Loki be more Loki' add.

-> I'm hearing a lot about how flighty his cloak can be, but I'm also not that close to a 'perm invis' Loki setup so...

-> Sounds like between cloak recharge nerf, needing LOS etc it could still help Loki on stealth missions/really hard stuff


* Any other Sentinel I'm missing here I really want to take a hard look at?  

Looking past the Carrier I do hope to see the added value of:

  * Helios for filling in the Codex and then hoping to get extra dps out of its vulnerability functionality across my Frames?

  * Shade thinking only for Loki / stealthy Frames / play, but might it allow me to do the toughest hits (alerts/nightmare)?


Thanks much!

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None of the sentinels are worth plat.  Helios is a great one to have and I run it all the time even though my codex is 100% complete.  It's melee weapon is pretty potent and I like the new mod from Cephalon Simaris that highlights weak points.


Shade is a piece of junk.  If you want something to turn you invisible get a Huras kubrow.


I don't care for any of the other sentinels because they are mostly about dealing damage were as I want utility from mine with a bit of damage as a bonus.

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Shade isn't for trying to be stealthy. Shade is for cloaking you when you get knocked over, activate Life Support, Capture a target, revive a teammate, reload for more than 2.5s, get caught in the open blocking with Reflex Guard, and so on. He spends most of the time not really doing much, right up until he totally saves your life. He's useful on any frame.


Helios comes with all his crap just like any other Sentinel. Don't worry about it.

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if i had to buy one sentinel with plat it would be either helios or djinn (which isnt in question i know) just because of the large relatively speaking requirement of fieldrons and mutagen masses respectively. beyond that id say shade is far outpaced by huras kubrow in ability to cloak...higher range for detection of enemies and a bit more robust so it can take the splash from a bombard but it can be a pain to maintain and a pain to get....so my pick of the two is helios...and if youre looking to spend the plat do so it is your 'money' after all.

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Spending plat on a Sentinel isn't too bad a deal. For 75p remember that you're also getting a Reactor on that Sentinel, and a Catalyst on their weapon.


Helios though is a poor choice for buying with Platinum since only Helios can use Deconstructor.

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