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Wts A Few Sets And Parts\mods

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Hello, this what i have: Ankiros prime set 70pl SOLD, Scindo prime set 80pl SOLD, Frost prime helmet and chassis-up for offers, dakra blade-up for offers

Mods: flow-10pl, streamline-10pl, enemy sense 5pl, spoiled stricke 10pl, vital sense 10pl, split chamber 10pl sold, hells chamber 5pl, continuity 15pl, intensify 15p, arrow mutation 10p, energy channel 10pl, fired up 7pl, hand spring 10pl, heavy trauma 7pl, metal auger 10pl, power throw 10pl, quick thinking 10pl sold, ravage 5pl, reflex guard 5pl, rifle ammo mutation 10pl, shotgun ammo mutation 5pl, sniper ammo mutation 12pl, steady hands 10pl, stunning speed (nightmare)20pl, suondering stricke 7pl, thunderbolt 10pl, whirlwind 20pl, Kubrow mods: Hunt 10pl, Stalk 10pl, Savagery 20pl. Stances:  cleavering whirlwind 7pl, coiling viper 10pl, Iron phoneix 10pl.                                                                                                                                                 


i'm also intrested in mag prime helmet.                                                                                     

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