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Ignored Tenno Wings Until Now, Can I Ready For / Do Ogma Elite?



I have the 36 hour bake going so I'll be able to continue the Archwing quest Saturday night.


I'd like to join in but I'm imaging between quest and (different) mods etc etc its pretty unrealistic.

So I'm figuring this event only prompted me to get Archwing stuff, unless it's something smart effort/play can handle?


I'm in a clan / have xb1 friends but I'm also not the type who looks for a carry - more curious than anything - thanks!



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IIRC the Ogma Elite node was a fairly low one, so you should be alright, barely. You'll probably have to get carried to complete the node, but it's good experience to level up your first AW and weps fairly quick, and it yields lots of cores (at least it did on PC) so lots of players will ideally be playing it. 

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As long as you have a full team and at least some of you aren't total Archwing noobs, you'll probably be okay.


The Oghma Elite event is pretty much where I started Archwing. Got carried for a game or two, then started doing just fine.


Just remember: if you see the word 'Hellion' then you'd better use your missile dodging ability (for Odonata that'd be the second ability). Possibly the most life-saving thing you will ever learn for Archwing.

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