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Thank You For Watching Devstream #57!


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Thanks for the awesome stream and grats to the plat winners! I'm really looking forward to trying out the new parkour system and the utility slot was a big surprise. The Yinyang frame looks great too. Here's hoping everything goes according to plan and you guys are able to release it next week. If not, its worth waiting for.

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Yo, great stream, really excited about all this new stuff, thanks for showing us! But pointing out the assumedly transphobic jokes in the chat was unnecessary and it was inappropriate to use Caitlyn's deadname. Just really kinda irked me and put a downer on the stream as a whole.

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Okay :


+ Nice shotgun buff : enemies seem to react much better to hits! I hope this will also happen to other weapon types

+ Gorgeous tileset

+ Excellent transitions sharkwing-to-ground (& vice versa)

+ Cool looking capes!

+ Cool looking new frame & nice powers (We can use the 2nd for Stealth!!!)

+ that dagger mod...I NEED IT!!!!!

+ the holstered weapon option is excellent BUT we'd need a little fx or something when we materialize it (I don't know, a very little channel effect or something like the capture of a target!) to explain it.

+ Parkour 2.0 looks way better than what we got. Some issues still remain unanswered though : https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/494478-parkour-20-is-comingyay-but-hold-onmoves-20/

+ Okay-ish new rope action (the starting animation looks a bit wonky though)

+ New kubs!

+ Supra buff, finally...

+ It's next week!!!

+ New Lotus transmissions, it seems... ;)


- No word on charge attacks return

- No words on Stealth 2.0...

- Nothing about the new Solar map

- Where's the underwater wildlife?

- Seeing the retriever kub in action could've been nice.

I wrote an overview in case anyone missed the stream~



Thanks doc, as always. :)


That new mod gives me hope about further Stealth adjustments in the future. 2 years of waiting.

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Cool Dev Stream today DE you did great but somethings that weren't addressed. That I would like to know about.


1. Will the storyline that was led into at the end of Vor's prize, about the Queens ever make it into the game.


2. Will there ever be a mission type that would give an actually purpose to having Sniper rifles to this game. And on that note will we ever be able to actually zoom in on a target in the Aim toggle not just narrow the view of the screen.


3. Will the existing Frames. especially the ones that were present prior to Update 12. that are missing their lore ever get it prior to Update 17.5 or Update 18.


4. Will the imprint for the new Kubrow be another plat drain as was the case with the other kubrow imprints. and with Kabrows coming will we ever be able ot imprint/mate them more than twice. and will we ever be able to get the ones we actually want (ie. breed, patterns, size, sex.) I kinda want all my Kubrow to be the big burly muscled ones. And i have yet to find one that has the Lotus symbol for a rediculous ungodly amount of plat. Also if we have one of each breed will we be garunteed to get the new one upon breeding.

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