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Maybe Add An Option On Warframe Customization To Decide Which Look The Warframe Sections Will Have?


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I'll explain


In addition to styling the frame with awsome colors in different sections of the suit

maybe add an option to make the same area with a more chromy look? or prhaps to those who like it- a more smooth matt concrete feel to it?


That would be an awsome add in to the game and will contribute AMAZINGLY to costumization ingame...

also some pretty sick warframe designs as well


Hope you notice

keep up the good work DE


Let me know what you think about this idea guys :3

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So, in addition to Color palettes, we introduce Texture palettes, or similar?


Could be interesting, but could also be difficult or infeasible from a technology point of view, because the system would have to dynamically change how it displays warframes. I'm not much of a programmer though, so there's a possibility it could work well. It'd be awesome if DE looked into it.

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