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Want 100 Plat?


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Here is the deal, I want to see how fast you can go, Handicapped. The first Tenno to show me a video of themselves completing this task, Will win 100 Plat.



1. No Melee Weapon.

2. No Zephyr

3. Void Capture

4. Under 2 Minutes (Starts when you spawn in, so dont worry if your machine is a bit slow)

5. Unfortunately, I can only give plat to PC players...I wish it were otherwise, but I only play on PC, So I have no way of awarding anything but pure respect to Console players.



Got an interesting plan? Wormholes? Tidal Surge? Rhino Charge? Give it your best shot, and let the contest Begin!




Edit 1: No, Tier doesn't matter. T1s will work just as well as T4s.

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Volt speed with rush marathon 

Tried that. And it works great, but it tends to fall apart when you hit Vertical surfaces that you have to scale. Not saying its impossible, Nothing is impossible in Warframe if you really throw your all at it. (In Zorens I Trust....And not just Coptering) But if you can do it, Go for it, and show me. May get 100p richer. :)

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Well if it is of any use for your experiment, here's the times of my first 10 runs:

Average 1:34

With this build:



Nice. That definitely does help. Thankie Sai *bow*

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Hope the challenge is still going, in need of some plat.


I'm sure I could have used volt's speed or nova's wormhole but where is the fun in that?


(hope this works, first time uploading a video for anything)

Well its not, really, I already awarded two prizes, but catch me in game sometime and ill see what i can do for you. :)

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