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New Concept For Trading System


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Trading as an integral part of Warframe could be made simpler and easier for players. As it is now trading is based on direct interaction due to desire for gear or platinum; this interaction can make contacting, communicating, and negotiating difficult; as well as its tendency to tampering with the immersive universe of Warframe. Because of this we have come up with the following idea:


A trading floor should be present on the Relays (This would eliminate the need for a clan or dojo for players who are not apart of one or clans that do not have trading posts) on the trading floor there should be kiosks where players can list, buy items. Items can be searched and are displayed by players selling them; items can be listed with multiple, acceptable forms of payment that the seller chooses. The buyer can then choose which form of payment they desire and the transaction is made. This makes for no miscommunication and would allow easy acquirement of goods.


Another piece of trading we feel is necessary is the presence of more than one npc trader (Baro Ki’Teer) the traders would have items unique to them being:

            -Prisma trader

            -Prime trader (Baro Ki’Teer)

            -Mara trader

While Baro appears on a biweekly schedule the other traders would have different time slots.


Things to note about the system:


            -Items could be listed for platinum, mods, special weapons, prime gear, keys and arcanes.  (However depending on the item’s rarity it could not be listed for less than a certain amount of platinum or items of dissimilar quality)


-Players would have the ability to barter much like they do now, though through a e-mail like means of communication.


-Items could be bought and traded without both players being online.


-Items could be searched and players would have the ability to rate other traders. This rating would appear on a players profile and determine their location on the listing. (Better rated players would appear closer to the top)


-Players would have the ability to list entire sets as one piece, and could even include hidden items.


-Trading without the use of platinum would earn a player favor, favor would be a useable ticket that would cause the unique npc traders to sell exclusive items to those with favor tickets.

            -Trading with and for keys and arcanes would earn favor with Prisma

            -Trading with and for mods and special weapons would earn favor with Mara

            -Trading with and for Prime gear would earn favor with Baro




Please comment and respond with critique, feedback and additional ideas. 

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Baro Ki'Teer in general is a "Void Trader" which all the items he sells fit into lore wise there is no reason to add other merchants to the game


allowing sales for specific items would probably create a good deal of disorganization when going through the menus as there would be no accurite way of sorting through the list of sellers/ Saying something can't be sold for less than a certain ammount is a very bad idea and you should probably leave DE out of the game's economy


No point in having a rating system just allow sorting by price and maby have anything for sale by trading items at the bottom of the list

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