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Running A Laptop For A Week Straight On A Game?


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I'm a Black Ops 2 player, and recently I'm going to try to get at least somewhere near the world record on solo. This would take around 40+ hours, and I would definitely need to take breaks in between. In fact, 2 hours a day for me would sound realistic. This would take a few weeks, in fact, and im wondering if my laptop can handle it. I will be playing local, without internet, so if my wifi somehow decides to crash on me, my game will be unaffected. 


my alienware is currently undergoing a custom paint job, and im too impatient to wait for it to come back, so i want to start soon. 


its a lenovo laptop; 8GB ram, NVIDIA, that kinda stuff. its pretty new so it ventilates pretty well, but im hailing all pro tech guys out their to predict if my PC would survive these hours of gaming. i think when you pause the game the computer still runs around the same intensity as if you were actually playing, only a bit less? 



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