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The Creepiest Level Made Possible By A Glitch


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So, me and my friend were grouped up and we saw this alert, so we decided to do it.


Well, When we arrived, i said to my friend over the steam Voice chat, that the announcer did not call an objective and that the ship was totally empty.  


At this point, i started to freak out and feel a bit of anxiety from the unknown silence, my friend however, felt like we should push on.


Well, after going through an incredibly Buggy level (Doors were already opended, Certain objects were blocked by walls that just came from nowhere.) We arrived at one partner door and we found what we called A "Hell Door" (Picture http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=147306762")


So, i freaked out at this point and said, lets go, but he jumped in and got stuck falling down into infinity.


We repeated this alert, and it was still the same.

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the cause of this alert being bugged was the way the map was generated. There was a failure at some point that resulted in a non-closed map and because procedural map generation was halted(presumably by an error) before completing, thus enemy spawns- among other things- were not initialized.


I have screenshots and video of this alert bug to back up these claims and assist the devs in trouble-shooting. I will edit this post shortly with those videos once they've been encoded and uploaded.



here it is:


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