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Ammo Bug?


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I've been having an issue with Angstrum which has been persisting for almost a month now. I understand that it has it's limited ammo maximum (30) and that this itself is not a bug. The issue is that my primary weapon - if it utilizes Sniper Ammo - was limited to only having 30 available shots in my ammo pool regardless of mods (my clip would remain unaffected). Vectis, Vectis Prime, and Snipetron Vandal I know for a fact offer me a pool of at least 72 rounds unmodded. At first it was a minor inconvenience, where it has to this point become a debilitating issue for me, consuming my ammo down to 0 anytime I switched between my weapons. Was this intentional, or is this an unintentional bug? I can safely say that running around with no means to regain ammo for either your primary or secondary weapons is NOT fun.

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