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The Dojo Wishlist! (A Gathering Of Idea's And Desires For Our Dojos)


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Let me first start with saying that I wont be able to hold every idea here, if you have an unmentioned idea for the dojo's then please do post it. (And to take the fun away from it I already know about 10 or so people will post some worthless things hoping to be funny. Ha ha. Okay done!)


First off not really an idea but more a must, something that DE has still not addressed : "Dojo decoration emplacment"

Though not all rooms suffer this terrible bug, most garden rooms still seem to be afflicted and it has been ignored countless times.

This is a must and needs to be fixed for dojo's seeing as its the least that can be done in them.


"Docking bay" Ever since seeing this stuff in the relay's my heart has desired to see it in dojo's, lets be honest here we simply poof out of thin air according to how we spawn in the dojo's atm.

Give us the docking bays and allowe us to plant the trade posts and treasurea's there, but also give clans the option to choose to only spawn in their halls.


"Barracks interactivity" Bassicly all a barracks is now is a room that increases dojo membership size. Personally I would love a little interactivity so you can for examples take a nap in a cryopod.

But I would also think a barracks is a place where you can check your mods, or adjust your loadouts.


"Prayer pads" You have seen them in the relay's now let us plant them as actual decorations! Seriously in an rp clan these items are highly desired.


"Oracle room interactivity" Right now all it is is some prop of a room, let us access the codex from here. Or even make it like a clan challenge area, where leaders (or those with the allowed priveleges) can set up a scan quest for some money. (like be the first of the clan to scan 100 moa's for a 1000 credits)


"Message board decorations!" Everyone has seen an electronic add sign, now picture one for the dojo that displays clan messages such as : "Tomorrow 10 player raids, sign up on forums to join" You know give players a good reason to check on in.


"Archwing challenge room" So you have done the obstacle course? Got an archwing? Test your skills on a course set up around the dojo flying at high speeds for bragging rights.


"Temple of honor" From what I hear still broken, LET us choose which warframe to be in the middle be it from a player or just a frame! This has disappointed so many people.


"Syndicate room" Basicly it will be a sort of neutral space for syndicate members, you can go there to talk with them or sell your medalions.


"Observatory interactivity" Now I don't know what the plans are for this one yet, but I am still deeply hungering to see us use this dome to go on missions.


Thats all I have for now, the reason for this entire post is because we have no real reason to go to the dojo. Its just for research and trading, I truely hope DE will give the dojo's more

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I'd like a grid system for decorations allowing us the snap decorations to it. My OCD requires it.


Also Clan Halls shouldn't require each other and ideally i'd like it if you could just upgrade one into another.

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