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Can anyone help me with this? The problem is, according to my last game and a couple before that, the host migration.

In details: whenever there is a host migration, things won't function as they are expected too.


What happened in my last game:

I was playing a low level Survival mission to get materials and mods and credits you know... Then the other lower level guy i was playing with died in a room next to the 'main' room where the capsules were. I went there to revive him, and he told me afterwards that he had to leave. I said fine, no problem, and he left. That moment, a host migration occured, cause he was obviously the host, and bugged the game. The door to the main room was locked, and they said it was a shutdown, but the consoles to unlock these things didn't work! I really checked every room, every inch on my map, but the door was just bugged. Also, i could walk through some of the 'orange' doors, but not this one. This is i think the 3d time it happened to me, and i am really losing a lot of rewards, in this case 1500 credits and a Tower Survival Tier 1 for the Void and something else which i forgot...


This makes me kinda not wanting to play missions cause i am scared that i will lose everything again. I understand if there is no refund function, i am glad if there is one, but please fix this cause it is getting really annoying.

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