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Odonata Prime Or Itzal?



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I would say Itzal is more like Loki, so you have abilities that give you the upper hand rather than raw damage while Odonata is more balanced, you might prefer that merely because you would have an ability for every occasion, if not then simply more stats to survive longer. Although, being invisible is without question very useful since you can stay like that as much as you have the energy while shooting enemies safely, plus you can suck stuff to you with the third ability.


See what fit you most. 

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Dunno, I normaly would only play Itzal, but then Odonata Prime came out. I had fun meleeing everything that moved with my shield on. I was so used to it that when I switched back to my Itzal it turned out I'm so easily killed while going furious melee...


Odonata Prime makes you more tanky and makes melee fun. Other than that Itzal is better in everything else I guess.


I recommend Itzal.

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